New Minox Binoculars available now!

by Jodi Markham

We are thrilled to welcome Minox X-Lite, X-Active, and X-HD binoculars to our range.

Newly designed from the ground up in 2019, these awesome binoculars have an option for all budgets and activities.

If you’re on a budget but still want quality optics that are designed and made by a world leading brand, then the Minox X-Lite are a fantastic option for you. Offering a waterproof, ergonomic construction and quality lenses that produce images with neutral colour rendition and high contrast, they’re a great option for birding, hunting, travel and more.

Want to take a step up in terms of quality? The X-Active binoculars are ideal. All the features of the Lite range but with a more rugged construction and better quality glass.

Looking for the best of the best in German made optics? Look no further than the Minox X-HD range. Offering ED-lenses for high contrast and excellent detail recognition, a large field of view and very bright images, even in poor light conditions, you can rely on these awesome binoculars on your next adventure.

Browse our range of brand new Minox binoculars today and grab yourself some optics for your next observing adventure.

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