Best value for money bird watching binoculars

by Jodi Markham

If you're anything like us then you love to read product reviews. In fact, we think that doing your own research about a product before taking the plunge and deciding to buy is really important. We want you to get the very best product for your price range and to choose a product that it totally right for you and your requirements. We also think that it is important for you to know that the product that you're buying gives you the absolute bang for buck that it possibly can do!

We were thrilled to see products from the Vanguard Spirit range of binoculars rated as some of the best value mid priced birding binoculars by Best Binocular Reviews. We think that Vanguard binoculars are fantastic for bird watching; they come in at a great price, are packed with loads of features, quality glass and components and produce images of a brilliant quality. It's awesome to see that the folks at Best Binocular Reviews think the same and have given some of the Vanguard binoculars a whopping 80% score, labelling them as 'Outstanding' binoculars for the price.

Our Kowa YF-30 8x30 Binoculars also made an appearance in their most recent review of the best value birding binoculars on the market in their best value low cost binocular section. It was great to see a product from one of our newest range of binoculars being rated as an 'Excellent' choice for bird watchers looking for new glass on a low budget. 

Check out our full ranges of Vanguard and Kowa products now, and don't forget - do your research! 

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