Olympus Binoculars - A history of quality and value

by Jodi Markham

Our range of Olympus binoculars offers quality and value for Australian sports optics users.

Olympus binoculars are designed with you, the user in mind, and the collection is cleverly split into two ranges; binoculars for professionals, and binoculars for leisure.

In this article we will examine what each range has to offer, and give you a clear overview of the main features you can expect to find when purchasing a set of Olympus binoculars.

Olympus Professional Binoculars

Olympus professional binoculars

Professional binoculars from Olympus are quite simply their finest, highest quality optics that are designed especially for users who want nothing but the best from their optics and do not mind spending that little bit more on their optics.

Binoculars in the Olympus Professional range can grouped into Nature Binoculars and Extreme Binoculars. Binoculars in both ranges produce the bright, clear and true to life images expected by avid birders, astronomers and hikers, with the most notable difference between the two being how waterproof they are.

Nature Binoculars - Olympus EXPS I Models

The Olympus Nature Binocular range consists of two models which are both part of the EXPS I range and available in an 8x42 model.

These binoculars are built with a host of highly advanced features such as BaK4 prisms and fully multi‑coated lenses to guarantee they produce crisp, sharp images even in difficult light conditions.

These binoculars are great for hiking, bird watching and sports viewing in dry conditions.

Both binoculars in the EXPS I range are built with aspherical optics for a plasticity and distortion free view, multi coated lenses for maximum image contrast and brightness, have a UV lens coating to reduce glare, and have long eye relief with twist up/down eyepieces.

The Nature EXPS I range are designed for comfortable use, with a non‑slip rubberised coating, and ergonomic, contoured design and a large, centre‑focus knob for fast and easy focusing.

If you’re looking for top quality optics, but can live without binoculars that are waterproof, then these binoculars are an excellent choice from Olympus and offer great value.

Olympus Leisure Binoculars

Olympus Leisure binoculars

Olympus Leisure Binoculars are designed for people who want to get a closer and clearer view of exciting, interesting and beautiful things that happen in their every day life. Have you been out on a Sunday stroll in the countryside lately and wanted to get a closer view of a stunning landscape or a native bird? Or perhaps you went for a trip overseas and wanted to get a closer view of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, or you wanted to see a beautiful ballet outfit in closer detail? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Olympus Leisure collection of binoculars has an ideal set of binoculars that will enrich your life and future experiences without breaking the bank.

The Olympus Leisure Binocular collection includes a number of ranges, each specifically designed for a certain activity and use in a specific location. All models are easy-to-handle, designed for convenient portability, and engineered to enhance your range of vision in bright, realistic detail. We’ll check out each range individually below.

Nature Binoculars - Olympus DPS I Models

All binoculars in the Olympus Nature range offer an extra wide field of view, produce bright, clear images, and are comfortable to hold thanks to a durable rubber coating. They’re easy to use thanks to a large centre focusing knob, and have quality, single coated lenses allowing them to produce bright, clear images. UV lens protection guards your eyes against the sun's harmful rays, and built‑in dioptric correction allows you to make minor adjustments to compensate for your individual eyesight. In addition, models are built with aspherical optics to guarantee a plasticity and distortion‑free view.

The DPS I models come in a full sized 10x50 specification making them excellent for watching nature and sport and gazing at the occasional star. Prices for these fantastic every day optics are kept to a minimum by using quality materials but refraining from using sometimes costly waterproof finishes.

Urban - Olympus PC I Models

Olympus’s Urban Binoculars are represented in the PC I 8x25 model, which has a compact and unique design making it an ideal companion for your travels. Built with fully multi-coated lenses, these fantastic, lightweight binoculars ensure clear city scape views, allow you to spot the stunning facettes of urban sceneries, and offer the hassle-free portability you need whilst travelling.

PC I binoculars have a stylish contemporary design, and are also built with twist up and down eyepieces, a large, easy to reach centre focusing wheel, built-in dioptric correction to adjust to your individual eyesight and UV coating for care-free viewing.

If you’re looking for an all round compact binocular thats ideal for travel, will give you a closer view at the theatre and can be thrown in your backpack for a hike on a sunny day, then the PC I binoculars offer an affordable option that won’t break the bank.

Sports - Olympus WP II Models

You’ll never miss a moment of the action with the high quality WP II compact waterproof sports binoculars that are available in an 8x25 specification.

Designed to provide outstanding performance and design for outdoor enthusiasts who love to watch the landscape during activities like trekking, hiking and boating, these binoculars offer maximum brightness, contrast and colour fidelity for clear and crisp images. Add to that a compact, foldable, convenient body that is easy to handle and has a durable waterproof finish, and you have the ideal companion for all of your sporting adventures. Just throw these phase coated, fully multi-coated binoculars in your backpack and hit the track.

A little clearer now?

We hope that taking a closer look at Olympus’s binocular ranges has given you a clearer idea of when and where each model of binocular will be most suitably used and will effectively bring you closer to your environment. Once you’ve decided on your needs and your budget, why not browse the Olympus range to choose your ideal binoculars.

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